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Carbyne, being touted as the world's most recent strongest ever material, is a one dimensional chain of single carbon atoms that is twice as strong as Carbon Nanotubes. Carbyne is an exciting new discovery because of its surprising stability. It does not experience any spontaneous internal reactions, encouraging researchers to delve further into its properties and potential applications.

Carbyne is relatively easier to produce and more practical to work with when compared to its forebears. Possible applications for this new wonder material are still only fantastical, but are thought to be somewhere along the lines of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene.

Experiments conducted recently have shown that Carbyne can be synthesized and stabilized as well at room temperature. It has a uniquely unusual combination of electronic and mechanical properties, which have attracted interest from inventors for application in high-specific area energy storage matrices, opto/electromechanical devices, nanomechanical systems, and both light and strong materials for mechanical applications.

Tiny Matter for Science

We, at Tiny Matter, seek to promote nanotechnology by working with inventors of products based on Carbyne. If you have discovered a practical, real world application for Carbyne and invented a tangible product, we can help commercialize it anywhere in the world.