Carbon Nanotubes

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Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes are a tube shaped material with intrinsic properties that provide them with a highly desirable blend of qualities, including strength, stiffness and tenacity. Additionally, they have extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, further traits that make Carbon Nanotubes the absolute best among carbon fibers.

These properties also create a host of possibilities for real world Carbon Nanotubes applications, such as:

 Antifouling Paint
 Batteries with Improved Lifetime
 Conductive Plastics
 Extra Strong Fibers
 Micro and Nano Electronics
 Technical Textiles
 Water Desalination

Tiny Matter for Science

We, at Tiny Matter, seek to promote nanotechnology by working with inventors of products based on Carbon Nanotubes. If you have discovered a practical, real world application for Carbon Nanotubes and invented a tangible product, we can help commercialize it anywhere in the world.